Internationals Volunteer & Research

The D2R goal is to promote conservation, cultural, healthy research and volunteerism in Tanzania. The Volunteer/ research projects are essentials key as far as biodiversity is concerned. This will help one certain environmental projects like reforestation, wildlife monitoring, monitoring endangered species, educating local people and school student on the issues facing Tanzanians environment and wildlife. The experts with a research background can join scientific projects.

D2R will appreciate your knowledge which wills diversity your job experience and career choice and meet local community and form a wonderful networking

As a Researcher or volunteer you will be involved in various types of research from Conservation education, personnel wildlife manager/ biologist, archeologists, ornithologists and wildlife personnel.

Community based volunteerism, experts in medical fields, teachers, work with orphanages, share your expertise’s to local people by assisting them to installs and dig wells for clean water. We also invite people who are interested in learning or researching in different cultural. Our philosophy is to make sure you will be able to get fully involved and make your dream come true.

D2R is willing to work with people who love the outdoors, and are interested in conservation and wildlife. There will be many active hands-on activities which will require loads of passion, energy and knowledge.