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Wilderness Safaris

D2R is one of the most highly recommended safaris companies in Africa providing all types of travel itineraries to fit your time schedule as well as your budget. We have private/personalized Safaris (tour adventure which the number of customers paid in full amount/seat will not be joined with other people and agreed itinerary).

Custom Safaris

At D2R Travel we specialize in custom Safaris adventures and unique interest travels, we work on your Holiday with you from the first enquire to the last, taking into account your unique interests and concerns. Later, we obtain a Safaris itinerary that we have prepared together. East Africa is a diverse area and there are many travel adventures opportunities. We make sure you have a suitable trip plan which will give you opportunities to discover and acquire experience of a life time.

Family Safaris

Experience a great adventure with your family and close friends. The natural interest and good humor of children makes them ideal adventurers. D2R is here to plan your safaris for all ages and any special requests for your itinerary or places you would like to visit. See East Africa in all its glory with your loved ones. We are here to provide you with experience to become fun for everyone and the rewards of excellence time together create memories that last a lifetime


African Honeymoon Safaris

An African Honeymoon Safari is the perfect vacation to celebrate your wedding union with the collective sensuousness of the land: beautiful sights, melodious sounds, new textures and smells, and spectacular food and drinks. Couples travel to amazing places together as Dream 2 Realities (D2R) Travel and Safaris will provide an intimate setting for the two of you on your honeymoon adventure.

Senior citizen special Safaris

D2R values our senior citizen clients and provides special tours that focus on comfort, ease of travel, and any special care they might need to travel. Our guides are well trained to work with you step by step for you comfort on your next breathtaking African Safari.

Birding/ornithological Safaris

Dream 2 realities Travel and Safaris offers a unique ecotourism experience in the wilds of Africa. We encourage small tour groups and our expert birding guides ensure that you get the most out of your adventure. Identify more than 350 avian species as you explore the rugged interiors of the African paradise.

Balloon Safaris

Experience breathtaking aerial adventures in the middle of endless plains with an unforgettable sunrise while enjoying your breakfast under the quite Acacia trees.

Bike Trekking

Dream 2 Realities Travel takes you off the beaten path on an epic Eastern African Rift Valley biking adventure you will never forget. Ride on great trails while experiencing and learning about other people cultures on a perfect vacation adventure.


Walking Safaris

Visit remote villages, meet indigenous people, share some ideas, learn their languages and enjoy your walk while exploring the country is very important thing. A walk through Meru, Open savanna, or open grassland, Kilimanjaro Mountain is the typical adventure travel experience. Whether you walk along the Great east African rift valley or hike the breathtaking, the roof of Africa, custom walking are among D2R Travel most popular private trips.


Luxury Safaris

We do provide services for the traveler who want luxury trip, the majority of D2R can be upgraded to a deluxe, five-star holiday using the area finest lodges properties and well experienced top guide.