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D2R TravelTraveling to Tanzania has been one of our best experiences. However, visiting Victoria Lake, Ngorongoro Crater and living with the Bushmen and Maasai in the Serengeti National Park or sleeping at the foot of Kilimanjaro would not have been the same if we had not been guided by David Ngoseck. He managed to show us his country from a different point of view; our “safari” became a real life experience with unforgettable people and always made us feel like members of his community. To recommend David is to ensure travelers a unique experience in every way.


D2R Safaris JeepViajar a Tanzania ha sido una de nuestras mejores vivencias. Pero ver el lago Victoria, el cráter de Ngorongoro y convivir con los bosquimanos y los maasais en el parque natural del Serengeti o dormir a los pies del Kilimanjaro no hubiera sido igual si no hubiéramos estado acompañados de David Ngosek. Logró hacernos ver su país desde un punto de vista distinto a todo lo habitual, nuestro “safari” se convirtió en una verdadera convivencia con personajes inolvidables y en todo momento nos hizo sentir como unos miembros más de su pueblo. Recomendar su guía es garantizar al viajero una experiencia excepcional en todos los sentidos.
Familia Ramírez, España.


D2r ZebraI had the privilege of being taken on Safari by David Ngoseck and company and I have to say that it was an amazing experience that I will never forget. David’s deep knowledge of the African animal and plant life, combined with his easy going nature and sense of humor made the trip a pure pleasure. During my safari I was able to see EVERY type of animal that the Tanzanian parks had to offer and I got right up-close to lions, cheetahs, elephants and more. I was even able to witness a “live” hunt and kill by a female lioness. I totally want to go back to Africa and do another safari to witness the wildebeest migration and I will certainly be calling David when I am ready. I highly recommend David and his company for a real safari adventure that won’t break the bank. Jonathan, FL, USA.

         My experience in Tanzania
D2r Viajes
My name is Mercedes, I am from Spain, teacher and psychologist as profession, and I was lucky to meet David in a travel as voluntary teacher to Tanzania, 5 years ago. Since then regardless the distance we kept in contact. In Tanzania he accompanied me as a guide and skilled driver in visits to Ngorongoro crater, Lake Manyara and other places. As a guide, David talked to me about the animals with a deep knowledge, affection and familiarity that emanated from his direct experience and ancestral wisdom of his Maasai tribe. I can describe it as an iniciation in the truth of nature that changed forever my understanding about it, before based in TV documentaries. All in places of a beauty that is difficult to describe with words, majestic, ancient and magic. Besides, he was always pleasant, helpful and natural in his manner. That’s why I want to recommend his Travel Company for those travelers who wish like me to have an experience for always being remembered. Mercedes, Madrid.

                                                                                     Mi experiencia en Tanzania
D2r ClientMe llamo Mercedes, soy española, profesora y psicóloga de profesión y tuve la suerte de conocer a David Ngoseck en un viaje como profesora voluntaria a Tanzania hace 5 años. Desde entonces a pesar de la distancia he seguido en contacto con él. En Tanzania me acompañó como guia y hábil conductor en visitas al cráter del Ngorongoro, Lago Manyara y otros lugares. Como guía, David me hablaba sobre los animales que veíamos con un profundo conocimiento, cariño y familiaridad, que emanaban de su experiencia directa y la sabiduría ancestral de su pueblo maasai. Fue como una iniciación en la verdad de la naturaleza que cambió para siempre mi comprensión sobre ella, antes basada en los documentales de la televisión o en libros académicos. Todo ello en lugares de una belleza difícil de describir en palabras, majestuosa, antigua y mágica. Además fue atento, servicial y muy natural en su trato. Por eso quiero recomendar su agencia de viajes para aquellos viajeros que deseen como yo tener una experiencia para recordar  siempre. Mercedes, Madrid.

                                                                                    I had an adventure of a life time!

D2R Safaris ventureI contacted David at Dream 2 Realities Travel in March for a Safari to start in June 2013. He was referred by a friend who knew him from college (CSU Sacramento). I had many questions and David was professional and always replied within 24 hours. My main concern was traveling alone with a guide and cook. I could have possibly paid less by joining a random group but I am glad I went with a private safari. David (the guide) and Musa (the cook) took care of me. Dena, California, USA.